Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall TV Shows

I'm so excited for fall TV shows to start up this week!  Just watched Castle last night...I love me some Beckett and Castle.  Can't wait for Greys and Scandal and Revenge and I'm sure I'm missing a few others.  What are your favorite shows?  

In case you're wondering...my 'girls' are doing really good!  The last time I pumped was yesterday morning and it was only like a 1/2 ounce total.  There is still quite a bit of milk in them, but they don't hurt and they're slowly deflating.  I'll soon be back in my size A bras :)  For the record, I was not a size A before kids...but now, if it's like after I pumped for Chayce, I'll barely fill a size A up.  The things we sacrifice for our kiddos.  But I love them all dearly so, I really don't mind :)

All of my littles are napping right now.  And the older two are watching Harry Potter.  Chayce borrowed it from the library.  I've actually never seen it before so, would like to watch it myself.  They're liking it, but it keeps skipping.  Maybe I'll get it for them for Christmas or something.  

The boys love getting books with cd's from the library so, I try to get them often.  This week I got one of their favorite books...'The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog'  They think the pigeon books are so funny!  

He loves his chair!

Smile Vann!


Mom, stop taking my picture!

Okay, well I'm outta here.  Hope you're having a great day!  

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