Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Chaycers!

My little Chaycers turned the big 5 today!  He is such a lil' sweetie I tell ya.  And he's a great middle brother.  He looks up to Vann and loves playing with him.  But at the same time is so in love with baby Ash.  A little too much sometimes :)  

He started his day off with presents and some donuts...yum!  I decided that we would play hookie from school today so, the boys could play with his new toys all day.  They thought that was a great idea :)  Some friends came over in the afternoon to sing 'Happy Birthday' and eat cake with us.  And he requested homemade sausage and cheese pizza for turned out pretty good!  Here are some pics of his day...

Opening his presents...

Kirby's Epic Yarn for Wii!!  He's been dying to have this game.

Oooh, a Lego set


I love wrapping paper!!

New shoes!  (That were too small.  And I even measured his feet.  Sigh, at least they have free returns.  I ordered a bigger size for him this afternoon.)

Skylanders!  The boys love these crazy creatures.

A giant cookie!  

This stuff is awesome!

Putting his new Legos together

Anybody want to play laser tag??

I'm ready!

I'll play with you Ash.  Here let me just shoot your target at point blank...yeah that's fair :)

Playing Wii

Smile Vann!

I'm gonna get you Miss Paige!

Meanwhile Ash is a lil' cranky so, I hook him up with a Baby Einstein movie, his comfy chair and some water.  He was a content little baby amongst all the chaos surrounding him.  

Cake time!!

He's so sweet :)

Make a wish!

Ash is chilling in his chair after dinner, reading some junk mail he found in the recycle of his favorite places to get into.  Silly baby!

He was full of smiles today!

Brothers :)

Cherry cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate covered cherries on top.

It was pretty yummy!!

Happy Birthday Cheese!  We love you bunches!!  

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