Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thinking Hats

Even though Monday was a holiday, we still did some school.  Keeps the kids out of trouble for a little bit anyways :)  Chris made them 'thinking hats' for something fun.  Chayce wore his almost the whole time and Vann wore his a little bit.  

Grandma gave the boys some money to spend on whatever they wanted so, I also took them to Target on Monday to get their special treat.  Vann picked out a big Lego set that was on sale...that's my boy :)   And Chayce picked out a Wii game and a nerf gun that was also on sale :)  And I had nothing to do with their choices.  Okay I lied, I did encourage Chayce to pick out something other than a sword.  We have at least 8, maybe more, swords.  I reminded him of that when he initially picked up the Power Ranger sword and he agreed and searched for another toy.  

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