Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Time

It's getting ready to be birthday season in the Riley house!  First up is Chayce's, 3 weeks later it's Ash's and 4 weeks later than that it's Vann's.  This year we're having a big joint party.  The theme is magic.  I've already booked a magician that the boys are excited about.  I have lots of decorating and activity ideas in my lil' noggin I need to get working on.  Should be a fun time!

Of course when there's a birthday you have to have presents.  Well, I'm having such a hard time thinking of ideas for Chayce.  I even took him to the store the other day and he wasn't dying to have really anything.  I need to figure it out quickly because his birthday is now in less than two weeks!

The plan is for them to each get a special cake and presents from us on their birthday.  Then I'll make cupcakes and they'll get presents from others at the party.  Chayce wants a cherry cake and after searching online we found one that I think he'll love.  It's a cherry cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate covered cherries on the top...yum!  

I got the invites for the big party printed off at the library yesterday.  My goal for today is to mount them on some paper and get them in the mail either today or tomorrow.  Then I can focus on decorations and stuff.  Fun, fun!

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