Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sick baby

My poor lil' baby Ash is sick.  He started coughing on Sunday and then yesterday it was getting worse.  He was having a hard time getting a good breath and he was wheezing a little so, we took him to the urgent care by us last night.  He has croup :(  They gave him some steroids and albuterol so, hopefully he'll start feeling betters soon.  He only woke up once last night which is good because he didn't nap well at all yesterday.  I'll let ya know how he's feeling once he wakes up.  

Grandma Rana is in town and she let the boys open her gifts on Friday night.  Here are a few pics...

Harry Potter movie

R5 cd...Ross Lynch is one of the singers.  He's Austin from Austin & Ally and Vann loves that show.  

He likes it a little :)

Ash is helping open a new dvd player.

Baby Ash liked the wrapping paper :)

Vann was so cute after he got his new cd.  He listened to it all night long.  Singing his little heart out...it was so cute!  And he's been singing the songs in the shower too :)  

Casey's birthday was on Saturday so, we baked her some brownies.  

Singing Happy Birthday

Dad and Ash

Okay, that's it for now.  I'll update ya later about Ash...

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