Saturday, October 19, 2013

Magic Birthday Party

We had the boys' magic birthday party last Sunday.  The day would have been perfect if my lil' Ash had not started getting sick.  I'm happy to report he's finally on the up and up.  Took a lot longer than I had anticipated, but he's much, much better.

Here are some pics from the party...

Vann, Nick and Harry doing their puzzle and maze.  The puzzle they decoded told them they could grab their magic wand from the table.

The girls coloring and making a magic craft that ended up being a little too difficult....oh well you live and you learn.  

Alex showing Logan his magic ice trick.  You put a piece of ice in a glass of water.  Then place a piece of string on the ice.  Sprinkle some salt onto the string and should be able to lift the ice cube out of the water with your string.  

Chayce and Vann eating some pizza.  Oh I should mention that Vann wanted his hair spiked :)  He likes when it gets long enough to do that.  

Ash's pizza face!  You can tell in his eyes that he doesn't feel well.  

Out of all the crafts and things I had planned for the kids, I think they had the most fun just running around outside with each other!  

Happy Birthday to Vann!

Happy Birthday to Chayce!

Happy Birthday to Ash!

Here's a not so good pic of the yummy cake I made...chocolate hazelnut cake with Nutella buttercream frosting.  Thankfully I made two of them because the adults gobbled up one in no time!  

Still has a few smiles in him even though he's not feeling well.  

Getting ready for the magic show.

Ash thought this bottle of water was loads of fun :)

Charlotte giving Ash hugs.

Vann doing a trick with the magician.

He started out by putting just a few balls in his hands.  Then he put like 20 and as you can see, Vann thought it was hysterical!

He's so happy!  I love it!

Smiled from ear to ear the entire time he was up there.

I don't remember for sure, but the magician turned like three balls into all those you see on the table.  The kids were amazed!

Ash found a magic wand.

Chayce eyeballing the magician.  He wasn't so sure at first.

I'm just happy he went up there.  I wasn't sure if he would.  

Ta da!  I believe he made that ginormous die appear.  

At the end he brought both of the birthday boys up to help.

He asked Vann what his favorite animal was and Vann said a zebra.  The magician about a dog?  Turns out he was going to make a balloon animal and a zebra wasn't gonna cut it :) 

So he made this dog out of a balloon.

Then he told everyone to cover their ears and he popped the dog in the paper bag.  And then the balloon dog magically appeared back in the paper bag.  The kids were so amazed!

Ash is playing peek-a-boo with Linda :)

So cute!

I didn't take many pics of them opening presents, but here are a few.  Vann got some Legos.

Chayce got this shape game.  

He's been dying to have this cd...Teen Beach Movie...he loves it!

Okay, so I may have ordered a few too many pizzas.  This is how many we had left over after everyone was gone...15 joke!  We started with 25 so, I over ordered by a lot!  Thank goodness they freeze well and that we had plenty of room in our freezer and that we love pizza.  Sigh...I felt a little silly, but I guess I'll know for next time, right?

I made the boys' ages out of pictures of them starting from when they were born all the way up till now.   It was so fun looking back at all the pictures.  And it's so crazy how alike they all look as babies.  I still have this on my wall right now and I think I'll leave it up for awhile longer :)

I also put a few magic phrases on the walls.  

I forgot to snap a pic of the goody bags till almost everyone had left, but you get the idea.  I ordered a bunch of fun little magic stuff to put in them.  

When Ash woke up from his nap it was time for him to open up presents!

Hey let me shine this flash light right in your eyes Ash...

He was all about this ladybug toy.

He couldn't wait for the wings to open on their own...he insisted on prying them open himself :)

One wing down...

I'll get that ball back out of there somehow...

He also liked this animal stacking toy a lot!

It made some fun music that he danced to which was pretty cute.

My sweet lil' Vann :)

My smiley Chaycers :)

So there you have it...the magic birthday party!  The boys had a lot of fun with their friends.  Thanks to all who came to help celebrate!  Happy Birthday to my three loves!!

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