Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A little bit of catch up

Did you guys have any storms this past weekend?  We did on Sunday.  They started while I was grocery shopping at Caputos.  Thankfully I brought my umbrella in because I knew it was supposed to rain.  But it didn't just was raining like crazy!  And it was super windy and it hailed a little too.  My drive home from the store was a little scary.  I couldn't see a thing...the rain was coming down so hard...I went super slow and almost came to a stop a few times.  Then as I'm turning onto our street, a firetruck turns in front of me so, I follow him.  That's one of those moments you pray they're not going to your house.  Not that you want anyone to be in trouble, but the thought of it being your fam...I was nervous for a split second.  The firetruck was headed to a house just down the street from us that had gotten struck by lightning.  No bueno.  

The storms passed and about an hour later, around 1pm, we lost our power.  It was just our neighborhood.  And we didn't get it back till 9:15pm.  So, we had all our candles going, flashlights out, even went to a Paige's house to borrow her lantern and some battery powered lights to use throughout the night if need be.  Thankfully the power came back on though!  

So that was our Sunday.  Here's what the boys were up to yesterday...

Playing Legos...Ash thinks being 'in' the box is the way to go :)

Vann working on his 'Black Glue' craft.  

You draw a picture, trace it with black glue (I just squeezed a bunch of black tempera paint into a glue bottle), and let it dry.  Once dry you paint it with water colors.  And it'll have a bit of texture from the glue...kinda cool.  
He used a black marker for the baby dino because we thought he would lose the details if he used glue.  

Chaycers wasn't sure what to draw so, Dad drew him a few things to trace with the glue.

Hopefully he'll be excited to paint it today!


We tried to play the game Sorry last night with the boys.  Ash had other plans :)  He wanted to use the game board as a dance floor and the game pieces were totally meant to be whacked around.  We should've played on the table :)

Hmm what can I do now??

Oh, I know.  I'll try to pick up the board like this!  Silly baby!

He was giggling about something :)

Brothers :)

Dad was playing a game with Ash where he would come after him and then hide.  Ash loves this game!

He's waiting and watching for Dad...

And then he'd run and scream!

Clapping :)


Aaahh here he comes!

Run, run, run!

It's the cutest thing ever to watch!

Waiting...sometimes he would go look for him too...

So stinkin' cute!!

Okay, I'm off to make some breakfast.  Have a wonderful day!

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