Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ash's first hair cut

We said goodbye to the crazy curls today.  They were starting to be not so cute anymore and always getting all tangled...especially after he pulled on his hair with his spaghetti hands :)  

So, I got the spray bottle, comb and scissors and went to town!  Not really.  I was very careful not to cut too much off.  His hair is so fine and wispy and hasn't grown in everywhere yet so, there wasn't really a whole lot to cut.  But it was long!  

He did so great sitting in the chair while I cut it.  We get these movies from the library...Signing Time...and the kids love them.  So, I popped that in and he watched it and played with some various hair cutting accessories while I snipped away.  He didn't squirm at all which was a huge shock.  Even Chris thought he'd make it super difficult for me to cut it.  But he did awesome!  

Here are some before and after shots...

Here's my crazy hair before Mom cut it!
He was trying to smile for the it!

Look at that mess!

And here are the after shots...I love his lips here.

No more curls :(

My cute boy!!

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