Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

We had a laid back school day today.  Some of the schools were closed because of Veteran's Day so, I had an extra daycare kiddo that the boys just love playing with.  We learned about Veteran's Day, did a couple of crafts, watched Monsters University, did some more crafts, played a little Wii, ran around in the snow...a fun day for the boys.  

Making a noodle necklace

Creating a fall/Thanksgiving picture

Cheese Chaycers!

Smiles all around :)

Their finished creations!

We ended our day watching Ash try to jump.  It's so cute.  He bounces his knees and says his version of 'jump!'  It's adorable every time.  So, of course we tried to make him do it over and over again :)

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