Sunday, November 10, 2013


I took the boys to the library today.  We try to go every weekend, but sometimes it's every other weekend.  One of their favorite things to do is pick out movies.  I think Chayce had like 8 in his hands, but I made him put a few back.  They also really like getting books on CD.  The other week we got one and Chayce listened to it over and over 15 joke.  The book was called 'I Stink!'  It was pretty cute.  

Here's little Ash checking out the movies...

The pics are a little blurry since I took them with my phone and he was a busy boy looking at everything. 

So, Vann really liked the erector set he got for his birthday.  I was happy he liked it and also happy that it took him longer than 20 minutes to put it together.  Hopefully he likes it enough to take what he's built apart and build something else.  

Trying to get his erector creation to work

Needs a few adjustments

I did a little Christmas shopping today.  Oh it's so fun!  I swear this year I'm going to wrap presents as I buy them.  The last few years I've waited till Christmas Eve and I'm always up way late wrapping like a fool.  This year will be different.  I bought my wrapping paper today so, I have no excuses!  

Okay, Chris needs my help finishing up dinner.  He's making cheese stuffed burgers, green beans and mashed potato pancake thingys.  Should be delish!  

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