Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Craft houses

I picked up some craft foam houses for the boys at Michaels the other day.  They turned out pretty cute.  Even though the one Chayce did ended up being a little too hard for him so, I had to help.  The pieces are so little and and it was hard to get them into the little areas.  But he did what he could and we had a fun time assembling it together.  Vann put his together all by himself.  They both want to get more now...I told them we'll see :) 

Vann starting to put his little craft house together

Chaycers popping the little piece out

Checking the directions

Looks like this piece goes here

Vann popping his little pieces out

Where does this one go?

Almost finished

I love his cheesy face!

Smile boys!!  Chayce's house had two sides, here's the front...

A close up and the back of Chayce's.  Pretty cute, huh?!

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