Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book reviews

Here are some thoughts on the books I've recently finished reading.  

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - This was a hard one for me to read because it's about a little girl who gets murdered.  It's told from her point of view while she watches from heaven how her family and friends cope with her dying.  Putting the fact that it was a difficult topic for me to read about aside, I thought it was just okay and I didn't love it.  I do plan on watching the movie of it as well, in fact I picked it up from the library last night.  

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks - This is about a marine who finds a picture of a girl and he believes it keeps him safe throughout the war.  So, when he gets home his mission is to find this girl and thank her for keeping him safe.  I loved this book!  It was also made into a movie and I borrowed it from the library as well and watched it last night.  The movie wasn't anywhere near as good as the book, but I think that's the case most of the time.  

Burned Alive by Souad - This is a true story of an Arab woman and how she survived being burned alive.  It is just shocking to me how some cultures live.  She grew up thinking that girls were of less value than sheep.  And that it was normal to get beaten every day.  And that smothering a baby just because it's a girl is okay.  So, so crazy and wrong.  She lived to tell her story, but most do not which is very sad.  After reading this book I felt very thankful to be living where I live and grateful for the life I have.  

Okay there you have it!  Hopefully I'll have more book reviews for you soon.  

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