Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Charades and a backpack

I got a good laugh last night watching the boys play charades.  It all started when Chayce was flapping around like a bird and Vann kept guessing a bird, an eagle, etc when he finally said 'ok any bird Chayce.'  Chayce said, 'Yes, I'm a paragon falcon.'  Vann and I were cracking up!  

Here are a few of Chayce's other charades...

Any guesses??  A book!

How about this one?  He was a backpack!

Are you ready for this one??  He was mud!

It was so, so funny!  And sometimes he would tell us he wasn't giving any hints which made it kind of impossible to figure out what that cute lil' head of his was thinking :)   

Ash was in love with the boys' backpack yesterday.  My baby is getting soooo big!!  He looks like a little boy with it on.  


He looks like he's off to school.  Slow down Ash, don't grow up too quickly!

Now he's taking it off. Chaycers is making a silly face in the background :)

Got it off...phew!

Being silly!  If you look close you can see one of his many molars...he has all four already.  I feel like he got his teeth way earlier than the other two...I should look that up one of these days.   

I'm so excited...I'm getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday!!  I haven't had it done since last June, way too long ago.  I can't decide if I should go dark or get highlights.  I'm leaning toward dark, but am worried about my white hairs really showing up then. I may just have to get it touched up every so often because I really dislike my white hairs.  I'll chat with my hairdresser and see what she says about it.  

Okay I'm off to play with the kiddos.  Have a great day!!

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