Saturday, January 11, 2014

Play time

Here are some pics from the past week of the kids playing...

This game is always fun!

Chaycers couldn't quite get it finished before it popped, but he had fun anyhow.  

Vann and I kept battling for the best score...

He beat the timer again!  (But not me :) )

Ash was all about his tongue this night...

See...there it is!

Oooh, this ninja turtle car is cool :)

Then he was all about having his hands on his head...silly baby!

It was so funny, he kept running around like this all night.  Look at cute Chaycers in the background :)

Ash and Chayce were playing a super easy version of hide and seek.

There's the silly baby!

Building a tower with Vann.

Do you see how high it is?!

I love his concentration while putting the blocks on.

Then he would knock it over and say 'tumble!'

We had a busy day today.  We went to the bank and Target.  Then home to unload the groceries and lay Ash down for his nap.  Chris stayed home with him while I took Vann and Chayce to the dentist.  They had a great visit!  Then we were off to a friend's birthday party.  Once we got home I busted out some cleaning and laundry.  Fun filled day!

I'm off to feed these hungry boys of mine :)

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