Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mistake and a mohawk

Remember the hamster Santa brought the boys?  And how I told them numerous times that they needed to be extra careful to make sure the cage was always shut so, she couldn't escape?  Yeah, well guess what...I, yes me, the mom who's not supposed to mess up like this...left the top completely open on the cage after cleaning it last night.  Whoops!  

I had to wake Chayce up a little after 7am to take him in for his yearly shots this morning.  The house was still dark and we were downstairs getting our coats and shoes on when he says, 'Mom, the hamster's down there!'  What?!?!  I'm thinking how the heck could the hamster be anywhere but in her cage?  Then I thought maybe it's a really big spider...yuckorama!...or gosh forbid a mouse...eeks!  I quick turn on the light and sure enough, that lil' Bubblegum was downstairs by the front door.  

Then it dawned on me that I didn't shut the top of her cage.  I was letting the little circle part dry out after I cleaned it.  Bad move mom, bad move.  Thankfully, she didn't hurt herself because I'm sure the fall down the three stairs was not fun for her...poor thing.  And thankfully, Chayce spotted her and she wasn't missing for days on end.  Note to self...always, always triple check to make sure the cage is closed!

So, we're at the doctor waiting for the nurse to get his shots ready and we're discussing how she's going to put the shots in his legs when he asks, 'Mom, why do they put that one shot in your arm?'  Me not asking anyone in particular, 'Oh you mean the...gosh what's that shot called?'  Chayce says like it's common knowledge, 'TB.'  The nurse and I both look at each other and say with a smile, 'Yes that's right!'  I thought it was cute he knew that :)  Mind you he didn't even get the TB shot today and we haven't talked about that shot since he got it over a year ago.  

I did my usual Target run on Friday night while Chris stayed home with the boys.  When I got back, they were all bathed/showered and ready for bed and my baby had a mohawk!

It was the cutest lil' mohawk ever!  And it was even cuter when he woke up in the morning...all messy, but still very much a mohawk.  I should've taken a time for sure!

It's going to be stupid cold here tomorrow.  High of like -20.  Seriously, mother nature is out of control. I will continue to daydream about Texas.  That's what I do to get through the winters up here.  Maybe I'll make some chicken and dumplings tomorrow.  Might as well make use of the ginormous box of Bisquick I bought at Costco yesterday.  I love that place! 

Ok, I'm done jabbering :)  I'm off to finish reading 'The Lovely Bones'.  Sleep sweet!

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