Friday, February 21, 2014

Book Reviews

'Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks - I saw this movie awhile ago, but I had forgotten exactly what happened.  Man is this a tear jerker!  I had tears running down my face multiple times.  Really good book though…just have the tissues ready.  

'Virals' by Kathy Reichs - This was a good book, just not my fav.  I liked everything about it except the fact that the kids were exposed to a virus that gave them canine like powers.  Which was cool for one book…but I wasn't dying to read the sequel so, I didn't.  Also, there wasn't a love story and I like a lil' romance.  But the action and the way they solved the murder made it a page turner for sure.  

I'm looking forward to going to the library this weekend to find more great reads.  The past few nights I've caught up on a few tv shows I haven't watched in over a month.  And my fav shows come back next week I think…yay!

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