Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday fun

Ash is loving peek-a-boo right now.  He puts whatever he can find on his head so we can play.  He's getting a little brave he walked into the wall with a bowl on his head.  He didn't think that was very cool.  

Where are you??

Here I am!

And he also likes to stand on anything he can.  

And then he bounces and spins in circles and squeals.  He thinks it's loads of fun, but it makes me nervous. 

Look how big I am mom!

We usually have a low key school day on Fridays.  We skip the workbooks and instead play games and pull out anything fun we can find in the playroom.  Vann picked a magic science kit that he really enjoyed.  He did a few experiments and showed us some tricks as well.  Chaycers picked out this cute little crayon town thing we have and playdough.  He was very busy and made a huge mess :)

This one was all about invisible ink.

Crayon town

Filling his magic wand with crystals.

He liked it :)

Let's see, what's next?

Coloring his pond.

Ash wanted to color too so, I taped a piece of paper to a chair and he scribbled away.

He does a really good job.  Until he decides he's all done and he rips the paper off and crumbles it up.  I was able to salvage part of his drawing today so, I could hang it up on the wall.  Silly baby!

Have you been watching the Olympics?  The boys are digging it.  Last night they were twirling around like figure skaters.  It was cute.  

Okay, I'm off to bed so, I can read my book.  Have a great night!

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