Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend fun

We did a couple of fun things this past weekend.  Chayce had a class at the library on Saturday.  It was all about building stuff.  They had a bunch of different tables set up with little activities on each one…Legos, marshmallows, blocks, sand, trains, etc.  It was fun!  

The sand was kinda cool…it wasn't wet, but it stuck together.  Kinda like moon sand she said.  

Oh no my tower's falling!

Vann came along to pick a new Wii game out and the lady said he could get in on the fun too.  

This was their favorite station :)

Chayce built a Lego fire truck!  And what's cool is that then he got to take it upstairs and put it on display in the kid section of the library. 

On Sunday we took the boys to FermiLab.  It's this huge place that does I'm not sure what, but they have a bunch of scientists there.  We picked up a DVD that I still need to watch…I'm hoping it tells me more about what they do there.  Anyhow, they had an open house with tons of tables set up and little experiments on each one.  Stuff about magnets, mass, light, forces, molecules, etc.  So, we did a bunch of those.  We also watched Mr. Freeze's show (he's a scientist who works there and also does shows for schools and stuff).  He did taught us all about liquid nitrogen.  He made the kids laugh a lot…it was fun!  

We were there about two hours, but could've stayed another two for sure.  Ash was getting tired so, it was time to get home.  We found out that he doesn't like being in elevators with a lot of people.  He cried every time we got in one and it was crowded.  Other than that he did great :)

I'm hoping to take the boys to the Lego movie this coming weekend.  They're pretty excited to see it!

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