Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Race cars

The boys painted their Home Depot race cars today.  Here are a few pics...

Chayce's finished race car...I couldn't get a pic with his eyes open :)

Vann's race car

Ash has started throwing little tantrums lately...like the past few days.  It's rather amusing.  He gets soooo mad and screams and throws his head back and sometimes he'll throw a toy if it's nearby.  Over what you ask...nothing, absolutely nothing.  Because he wants me to pick him up and I'm washing dishes or I go switch a load of laundry and don't take him with...stuff like that.  Honestly, I think a lot of it is because he's getting more teeth.  He's just a little more irritable.  So, he's got that going on right now.  

He's still jabbering up a storm.  I love all his little words :)  And he's getting so tall.  He almost fills his crib up...well not really, but he's getting close.  Thankfully he's a good lil snuggler so, I'm holding onto that for as long as I can.  

Feeding Molly the snacks he doesn't want.  


Ash and I :)

Okay I'm off to start prepping for dinner.  I'm making a stromboli...yum.  Hope your day's going great!

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