Sunday, March 2, 2014

Biotic and abiotic

We started a new science curriculum this past week.  We do lots of science experiments, but we don't talk about all the other science stuff.  Like the stuff you learn from a textbook.  And we don't learn it in any sort of order…we just skip around from topic to topic and I don't like that.  So, I've been looking for something that's fun, engaging, has experiments, and incorporates all the other science stuff too.  I think I may have found a curriculum I like.  It's called The Lab of Mister Q…here's the link.  The only part I don't like so far is that I have to print everything out…which is just me being extra particular and wishing he would send me everything I need in a nice, organized binder.  No worries though…I made my own :)  

So, last week we learned about biotic and abiotic…living and non-living things.  It was great…he writes the text in a way that it only includes the main points so, it's not super overwhelming.  He also includes a bit of humor which the kids love.  And then he gives you fun activities to do that will help the new info stick in their lil' noggins.  We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping we continue to enjoy it.  

Cutting out biotic and abiotic things from magazines.

This cute lil' thing was busy running around while the big boys did their school work.  He's all smiles!

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