Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drawing fun

I've got some more pics of the boys drawing and coloring for ya.  Vann could draw all day long I think.  He's all about making levels for either Mario or Zelda and they're pretty creative too.  I would love to get him some sort of computer program thing so, he can build levels and see his ideas really come to life.  I have no idea if something like that exists though.  I would imagine it does…need to research that a bit.  

Did I tell you what he wants to be when he grows up?  He said he doesn't want to be a hairdresser (I was cutting his hair while we had this convo) or an athlete.  He's thinking of either becoming a doctor or a video game creator :)  Hence all the level creating and why I'd love to find a way for him to be able to explore it even more.  

Hi cute baby!

Chayce is drawing, Ash is checking out the pencil he picked out and Vann is thinking about his next level.  

Can I eat this pencil Mom?  Um, no you can't Ash.  (Chayce's eyes look crazy :) )


And here are my attempts at a capturing a picture of them all smiling…
Chayce's eyes are closed and Ash is not looking.

Vann's eyes are closed and Ash is in the middle of making a silly face.

This one can explain itself :)

Chayce was coloring scary villains…his words not mine :)

Ash is pointing to his sticker.

Vann is drawing a level.  He literally has pages and pages of these…and he loves telling me all about them. :)

It was so nice out yesterday…finally!  We took advantage of the 50 degree temps and played outside for quite awhile.  No coats or gloves…yay!  Mind you they could only play on the driveway since there's still so much snow.  And we're supposed to get a big snow storm tonight…no bueno.  Ash had a ball watching the boys ride their scooters up and down the driveway.  He squealed a lot!  Molly got a good hair brushing which was much needed.  And we tried playing ball with her which proved to be impossible because she had no desire to run her lazy butt down the driveway into huge puddles to fetch her ball.  It was a fun afternoon…makes me excited for spring weather to really get here :)

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