Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craft caddy

Ash is obsessed with the craft caddy.  Instead of moving it, I decided to just let him have at it (minus the scissors).  I push all the chairs together on one side of the table, put him on the middle chair and hope for the best…haha!  I figure that gives him a little more wiggle room so, he's less likely to fall off the chair and hurt himself.  And so far it's working out great!  Except when it's time to get down and then he throws a fit…screaming like I cut his right arm off.  No joke. 

He loves the pencils.  He takes them out and puts them back in over and over and over again.  

He put a few stickers on his paper and likes to color just on them.  It's cute…he'll pick out a pencil or marker or whatever, sit down, make one little mark (usually on the sticker), stand up, put it back and then spin the caddy looking for another fun writing instrument to get out.  Then he'll do it again and again...

Hi Mom!  

I brought my camera out so, out come the silly faces…haha!

Silly boy!

Oh he likes to take the drawers out too.  But he always puts them back…and he says 'put back' in his cute little voice.  

Putting the lid back on the marker.  He's amazingly good at taking the lids on and off.  

Every so often he's gotta see what the marker feels like :)

Coloring his sticker.

And putting the lid back on.  

We've had our craft caddy sessions multiple times a day since he discovered it a few days ago.  A couple of times he was coloring by Vann and it was super cute.  Next time I have to take a picture of them.  

We had a pretty laid back weekend.  The boys had their swimming lessons on Saturday morning.  Chayce's class went pretty much the same as it always does so, nothing new to report there.  Vann's class worked a lot on the breathing for the front crawl.  It was so fun to watch.  He tried so hard!  He's learned a lot in just the past four lessons which makes me happy.  

Okay I'm off to watch Revenge…I'm excited and hope it's good!

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