Sunday, March 16, 2014

Minute To Win It

I hosted a Minute To Win It playdate this past Friday.  It was a lot of fun and we met some new friends!  These are the challenges I got pictures of…I missed taking pics of a few. 

Junk in the Trunk

They had to shake 8 ping pong balls out of tissue boxes.  As you can see Chaycers was not all about it.  He was very shy…reminds me a lot of myself.  

The others had a ton of fun…lot of giggles!

A Bit Dicey…they had to hold a popsicle stick in their mouths and stack 6 die on it.

Separation Anxiety

You were supposed to use M&M's for this one, but I used all the same sized Lego pieces.  There were 10 of each color.  They had to separate them one at a time into the corresponding cup in the same order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) using only one hand.  Vann was the only kiddo who beat this challenge…you go buddy!

Nose Dive

Using only their noses and some vaseline, they had to transfer 5 cotton balls from a plate to a bowl.  

This one was more fun than I had anticipated.  They wanted to do it over and over again!

Back Flip…balance pencils on the top of your hand then flip them in the air and catch them with the same hand.  You're supposed to work your way up to 12 pencils.  Vann got up to 8 :)

It was also Pi day on Friday.  Didn't know Pi had a day?  Me either!  One of the other moms asked if she could bring a Pi activity and I said sure!  Here's Aria and Vann working on theirs.

Admiring their work :)

Where's Ash??

Peek a boo! 

We were supposed to go to a nearby forest preserve today to learn about maple sugaring, but it's too cold.  I bummed the weather didn't cooperate.  Good news…there are a few warmer days in the forecast for this week so, that's exciting.  Maybe all the snow and ice will finally melt on the sidewalks and the boys can ride their scooters and bikes on more than just the driveway. 

Chris is making our St. Patty's Day dinner today…corned beef and cabbage.  Should be yummy!

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