Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inclined planes and a playtent

The boys learned about inclined planes yesterday with their Lego Education set.  Here are a few pics…

Chayce is checking out the inclined plane they made...

Ash is not happy that he can't get his little hands on their creation...

Let's try it on the kitchen counter…maybe Ash can't reach it there.  Poor lil guy…he wants to be just like his big brothers, but sometimes he can't do everything they do.  I brought out his Legos so, that made him happy and kept him busy for awhile :)  

Vann's writing down what happened with the first inclined plane while Chayce makes the second one.

Looking for squirrels and airplanes outside.

I see you Chayce!

Come on in Ash!

Crawling out under the side...

He had a ball climbing in and out and playing peek-a-boo through the windows.  Fun, fun!

Snuggling with Vann while watching a movie and eating a snack :)


My boys :)

Love them!

Cute baby :)

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