Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frog life cycle

We're talking about amphibians this week and yesterday we focused on the life cycle of a frog.  Here's some pics of the boys drawing the different phases of a frog.

Chaycers drawing his tadpole.

Now he's adding some legs.

Vann drawing his tadpole.

Ash was eating a late lunch and coloring his frog picture.  Love the crazy smile!

Silly baby!  Side note...he asked for seconds of raw broccoli...gotta love that :)  And the way he says broccoli is pretty cute.  Also, pineapple...that's one of my favorite things he says :)

Finishing up his frog life cycle booklet.  They cut them out, we stapled them together and voila...a book!

Drawing his frog.

Then he colored a fun rainbow frog :)

Blowing a dandelion.

They were redoing out street and Ash was watching the big roller truck smooth it out.  

Man did it stink!  But the kids liked watching the trucks.  

It was toasty out.  Look at those sweet pink cheeks.  No sunburn this time...he was just hot.  I need to get some of those cute lil' non drip popsicles for him.  I think he'll love them! 

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