Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheesy deliciousness

Chaycers had t-ball on Saturday morning.  He was a swinging machine!  One of the times that he ran to first base he did a little skip in a circle half way there.  It was so funny :)

Vann's reading his Lego book while he waits for Chayce to finish up.  Then we were off to his game where he made a few good plays and got the game ball!  He was excited :)

Last night at Vann's game Chris bought the kids some nachos from the concession stand.  The boys were loving the cheesy goodness that is so not good for you, but oh so delicious!  

He's like do you know how good this stuff is Dad?!

Going in for another dip...

He of course loved it.

The boys enjoying their snack :)

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