Friday, May 9, 2014

It's dangerous out there

First, a few cute pics of my younger two then I'll tell you my story of how the universe was telling me to just go home tonight.  

Chaycers doing his math.  

Cutie pie!

Love this baby!

Okay here's what happened…
I was headed out to do my usual Friday night shopping at Target.  On the way there, I was turning left on a green arrow and out of the blue a car from the opposite direction decides to completely ignore her red light and speed across the intersection.  I almost turned right into her…enter expletives here...made my heart skip a beat that's for sure.  

Instead of going straight to Target, I stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods to get some new weights.  I pull into a parking spot that is surrounded by two empty parking spots on my left, two in front of me and one to my right.  Plus many open spots in other areas of the parking lot…it was not crowded at all…many options.  I open my car door, step out and almost get taken out by a car that sped into the parking spot directly to my left and then slammed on his brakes.  Holy crapola.  That.was.close.  I could feel him pull in…the wind he created.   No beuno.

I shake it off, grab little Ash and we head inside.  No weights…bummer.  I'll have to order them online.  We get back in the car and one of Ash's shoes is missing.  Back into the store we go and thankfully it's right in the cart…must've fallen off as I got him out of the cart.  For the record his shoe has never fallen off before in the numerous times we've been shopping.  

Off to Target we go.  In the parking lot, some lady comes flying around just as I'm turning my wheel to enter my parking spot.  She almost barrels into me so, I hit my brakes.  She give me the finger and pulls into the spot I was pulling into.  Seriously.  I considered just driving home at this point.  But instead found another place to park.  Our shopping trip 'in' Target was uneventful…thank goodness!  Got a few good deals which always makes me happy.  

So that was my crazy night.  I was feeling like I shouldn't have left the house in the first place.  But we made it home safely…phew!  

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