Monday, May 12, 2014

Book Reviews

When I started working out everyday it's like I forgot about reading.  Can't do everything right?!  But I've made an effort to read a few times a week again because I do miss it.  Here are my latest reads...

'Just One Year' by Gayle Forman…This was the sequel to 'Just One Day'.  It was good.  It went through what happened to Willem after he and Allison were split up in Paris a year ago.  The only bummer about this book is that when they are finally reconnected, the book ends.  They kiss.  One more sentence.  The end.  I wish she would write a book about what happens after they find each other.  But alas, she didn't.  

'The Killing Woods' by Lucy Christopher…Guess I wasn't in the mood for happy when I picked this book up at the library huh?!  It turned out to be pretty good.  And not as scary or sad as I thought it would be.  It was a murder mystery...only one murder which surprised me because the title suggests there would be many deaths.  So, that was a good surprise.  It was told from two points of view…the victim's boyfriend and the daughter of the accused killer.  Through their thoughts and actions the truth about how the girl died comes out.  

'Night School' by C. J. Daugherty…This was another random grab at the library.  And it actually wasn't that bad.  It's about a girl that gets sent to a boarding school of sorts only to find out there are a lot of secrets about the school.  Bummer about this book is that it's the first book of a trilogy…didn't know that when I grabbed it off the shelf…and the library doesn't have the other two books so, if I want to read them I have to buy them.  No bueno.  I will likely never know what happens to Allie or the school.  Oh well.  

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