Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pots and pans

Ash is helping the boys with their snap circuits.

I just love that lil face :)

Do you like his winter jammies?  They were on sale for $3 at Kohls.  I love a good bargain! 

Hmmm, what's this thing do?

Chaycers putting something together.

Those lips and cheeks…I can't get enough!

I also let him play with batteries…I'm awesome like that.  Not really…I took them away don't worry. 

Cutest baby ever!

One of his new favorite things to do is play with all my pots and pans.

He gets all the lids on the correct pots.

Dad walked in…he was excited if you can't tell :)

Sweet thing :)

And then Chayce walked by and Ash gave him his silly face :)

Let me see what else I can find in this cabinet...

Ooh the lid for this big one…perfect.

And my work here is done!

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