Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The boys and I all got sunburned from being outside all day on Saturday.  I didn't even think about sunscreen because it was so cold out.  I mean we were all wearing three layers, had long johns on and were wrapped up in blankets at times.  But it was sunny the whole time and not many clouds in the sky.  So, the sun got us.  I felt awful that my little Ash got sunburned :(  And he even had his hood up almost the entire time.  Crazy sun!  Now I know…sunscreen…lesson learned.  

He was digging the blackberries I brought home from the store. 

He wouldn't even let me put them in a bowl for him.  

He wanted to eat them straight from the package.  

I would love to tell you I washed them first, but I didn't.  Man I'm on a roll today…first I let him get sunburned and then I feed him unwashed mom ever award coming my way!  

I had already taken about half out…but he finished the rest off!

How many can I shove in my mouth?  Little chipmunk cheeks :)

I loaded everyone's cheeks up with aloe and by the next day the sunburn was mostly gone...thank goodness!  I'll be keeping sunscreen and bug spray (cuz those lil suckers are after my kiddos next) in the car at all times.  
I'm missing the sun this week.  It's been rainy and dreary here.  Blah.  How's the weather by you?  

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