Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gettin' dirty

Vann is almost done with baseball...yay!  I'm ready for our nights to free up so, we can start going to the pool more.  I bought a pool pass and we haven't used it once yet...aahh!  I'm hoping to change that this week.  Anyhow, here are Ash and Chayce playing during this past Saturday's game.  They were pretty dirty by the time we got home :)

Rocks are fun mom!

He was picking up the sand and dropping it through the fence.  

Seriously, cutest lil dirty face ever!

Look at this big stick mom!

A little more his style...he can pick it up at least.  

Chayce had fun climbing this tree.

Peek a boo!

And then the kids were all under the bleachers.  Doing what you ask??

They were picking up nerds that someone, not anyone we know, had dropped and were eating them!!

And what did I do?  I let them :)
(You did what?!?!  I know, I know...don't judge.)

Smile boys!  Ash is giving me his silly smile.  And notice he has a new friend...he loves that stuffed elephant all of a sudden.  Sleeps with him and carries his around...it's cute :)

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