Friday, June 6, 2014

Grandpa Malec came to visit!

The boys were very excited for Grandpa to come visit for a few days this past weekend.  It's been a looonng time since we've seen him so, we wanted to make the most of our time together.  

Those of you who know us well, know we don't ever go out for dinner.  Like ever...a) it's way too expensive for my frugal little self, b) the food is never as good as what Chris or even sometimes I can make c) it's usually not very good for you and d) we have a very busy 20 month old, nuf said.  So, when Grandpa offered to take us out for a nice dinner I was a little nervous, but figured we'd just make the best of it if things went south in toddler land.  

Growing up my birthday dinners ever since I can remember were escargot.  Crazy right?!  I loved them.  Still do.  We wanted Vann to try them because he's our explorer when it comes to food.  He'll try anything and likes almost everything.  And I was not shocked when he gobbled up almost two plates of those tasty little suckers!  Chayce was not all about it at first, but did end up trying one and didn't complain so, wins all around :)

Chris even got a little treat at the restaurant.  He has a bucket list of foods he wants to try and foie gras is on it.  What is that you liver.  Yeah.  So, he ordered that and we all tried and it and I gotta tell was pretty good.  It literally just melts in your mouth.  Chris enjoyed it a lot.  I think one of the only things still on his bucket list now is caviar.  

Eating escargot!

Smile Chaycers :) 

Ash is eating the bread that the foie gras was on and even that was really good. 

Cute picture of the boys with Grandpa

He started getting a little antsy and came over to say hi to Chayce through his chair :)

All done eating and he's free!!

He ran around and around and around this water fountain...until he fell down...ouch.

Stopped to take a look.  

Other than going out to eat we pretty much just hung out at home.  We did go for a bike ride up to my friend's candy store.  The boys love going there for treats.  I didn't realize how far it was...2.2 miles one way!  So, the older boys, Grandpa and I got a nice little almost 5 mile bike ride in.  

I have a picture similar to this one of Grandpa and I building with blocks.  I was older, but still deja vu.  

This little one really liked Grandpa.  I was kinda shocked.  But they were best buddies :)

Love this pic of them!

Lil cutie

Ash and Martha

It was a really nice visit.  The boys were bummed that he had to go, but we'll see him again...hopefully sooner rather than later.  Ash asked for him for two days after he left.  In fact, while he was here Ash's new favorite word was Grandpa.  He said it more than Mom!  

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