Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sprinkler park

The boys and I met some friends up at the sprinkler park two weekends ago.  They had a lot of fun!  

Vann and Kenny swinging

Meanwhile Chayce is digging in the sand.

Vann joins him and tries to bury his feet.

Ash enjoyed the swings.

Look Mom I can do it one handed!

Swinging with friends...Chayce, Kayla, Vann and Kenny.

After looking through the pics I realized there's none of the kids 'in' the sprinkler part of the park...ha!  Ah well.  

This was the same weekend our sewer got backed up...again.  Yuck and more yuck.  After trying to fix it ourselves we ended up having to call in the professionals.  They pulled out a ton of tree roots.  He said we should be able to flush freely now for a few more years.  

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