Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to the zoo

I took the boys to Brookfield Zoo last Saturday.  We didn't have any baseball games so, our weekend was totally open which was nice for a change.  And since we have a zoo membership it was free to spend a few hours there.  I packed us some lunch and snacks and lots of water and we were off.  It was sooo nice out!  Perfect day for being out and about.  

I was looking forward to showing Ash the animals because he loves to read about them in books.  He would get excited and point to them when he saw them which was cute.  And he really liked when the dolphin would swim by.  There was a baby bison born the night before so, we got to see him which was kinda cool.  Here are a few pics of our trip...

We saw lots and lots of geese families.  

And quite a few peacocks!  Here's Ash chasing one :)

We watched this polar bear walk around and around his pool for like 5 minutes.  

Ash watching the polar bear.

Sliding at the park...he loved it!

Chaycers and Vann just before we left the zoo.  Cute boys!

Okay so the zoo.  I finally decided I'm done going there.  Yes we had a really nice trip.  Yes the kids enjoyed it.  But I have such a hard time looking at the animals all cooped up.  This has bothered me since the first time I went to the zoo many years ago.  So, I finally decided that's enough.  I'm done going there.  I told Chris we can take Ash when he's a little older, but that's it.  He said that's cool.  And the boys are okay with it too.  How do you feel about going to the zoo?  Do you love it or does it bother you too?  

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