Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4th of July in Kansas

We took our annual trip to Kansas over the 4th to visit Chris's fam.  It was a great time!  The weather was perfect which was a huge change from the years before.  Usually it's over 100 degrees and you pretty much sweat the second you step outside.  This year it was mid 80's and sunny...just right!  Here are some pics from the trip...warning there are a lot!!

On the way there!

Vann is pretty much the Lego master these days.  He makes these super awesome creations!  I need to start taking pics so you can see them.

Ash was laying on Chayce...

It was adorable!

Two of my loves :)

Uncle Dustin played Legos with them for a long time!

Ash loves doing pops!
It's cute to watch :)

He likes to throw them too!

The firework stash...

Teamwork to build this game...

Vann was in charge...

And now we can play!

Snacks and the ball toy
I love this little boy!

Ash and Jamie

He loved her!

Vann, Chayce and I in the firetruck that stopped by for us to climb in and check out.

All of us :)

Lil' cutie trying on a fire hat

Kids being crazy!

What's going on over there??
You guys know?

You're silly!

Chaycers :) 

Playing bonk the alligator or whatever that game's called :)

Playing skee ball
He needs a little more practice :)

Vann did great though!

Sweet baby :)

Chayce found this ball drop game
he was good at.

Ash and I :)

Vann bowling 

Chaycers and I :)

Ash drinking some water

Trying to get a pic of all three boys...

I love this one!

I'm Ice...yep I won!  Had one of my best games ever and even beat the big boys :)

Goodness that was a lot of pictures!!  Sorry.  I hope you made it to the end!  If not I totally understand.  Okay I'm outta here...sleep sweet!

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