Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'm gonna do a little catch up of some of my random photos I have of the kids.  Are you we go!

Ash thought decorating the floor with stickers was a fun idea!

Helping me make some
homemade jelly.
He thought it was delicious!
Such a lil' cutie!

Mmmm, this peach looks good!

Maybe if I tilt my head a little more I can get a better bite...haha!

Helping me stir.

My homemade jelly!  It was good!!

Swimming with the older boys.  Chayce was being silly!


Love them!!

I made some healthy cookie ball things and he was digging them :)

Try doing a plank with a baby on your's not easy!!

Ok that's it for now!  I'll post more later.  Have a great night!

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