Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baseball, red marker and water slide oh my!

Okay so, that title makes absolutely no sense, but ya know, whatev!  Vann finished off his baseball season with a bang.  And by bang I mean the longest game in little league history for 8 year olds.  Three hours and twenty minutes long.  I'm not kidding.  We were all ready to get the heck outta there!  After the longest game ever, the kids met for ice cream at Oberweis and the coaches gave out their trophies.  Here are a few pics...

The Twins!

My sweet Vann :)

One day Ash thought it'd be super cool to color on himself.  He's kind of a little stinker sometimes...but a super cute one that's for sure!

Look Mom!

Do you see those red marks?!

The boys had a lot of fun at Mia's 6th birthday party.  They had a water jump house slide...it went crazy fast!!

Van and Mia
I love this shot of Chayce!

Some of the kids...


They got going so fast that they landed on their booty's quite often :)


A much safer landing :)

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