Saturday, September 20, 2014

August round up

I'm finally finishing up posting my pics from August...then I can get caught up with Septemer...yay!  Here we go...

We got the boys a computer this year for school.  Well actually Grandma Connie did...thanks momma!!  Anyhow, I wanted to get them started typing.  Chayce is a little young, but never too early to learn!  And Vann has friends who are learning it this year in school so, it's perfect timing for him.  This is also where they watch their art lessons.  And I plan to get them a few learning games too.  

This was a pic from our last pool day this year.  We did not go as much as I would've liked, but had fun each time we went so, that counts for something right??  Chayce even went down the white slide this time!  He actually went down it twice...the first time he got saved by the lifeguard.  Yes he really did!  She totally overreacted though.  He was fine, I was standing right there...he just got thrown a little off balance by the whoosh of the slide, but had she not helped him he would've been fine.  Anywho, one incident report later he was going down the slide again and this time he did great!!

I've been doing tons of tons!  I'm not sure if I told you or not, but we decided to stop eating processed foods.  Which means a lot more making and baking snacks and things for the boys.  It's hard to not buy things sometimes, but I do love it!  

This day we made zucchini bread.  The boys love to help!  

They like to stir and measure when they can and of course lick the spatulas!

I also made a bunch of banana pancakes for the freezer.  I love having them on hand for yummy quick breakfasts.  

We were headed into the library and the boys stopped to sit on the bench.  Love them!!

This is where I found him while I was looking for books...lil' cutie!

We made homemade banana chips.  Did you know the ones you buy in the store are basically candy??  

He kept eating them off the pan!  Anyhow, they're super easy.  Slice them up, brush them with either lemon or lime juice and then bake at 200 degrees for about 5 hours...kind of a long time I know.  But how easy huh?!  

And they're really good!!  The kids ate them all in less than a day.  I plan to make more this coming week because they've been asking for them again.

Okie doke...that's it for now!  I hope you're having a nice weekend.  We had Chayce's soccer game this morning.  Then I hit the farmer's market...honeycrisp apples were only $1.69/lb which is a steal for those apples!  I had a self defense class at the library in the afternoon.  I learned a ton of great moves that I plan to teach the boys.  I also am feeling the urge to get them in some sort of martial arts.  I've wanted to do that for forever, but it never fits into our schedule...I'll have to check into it again.  What else...oh I cleaned and vacuumed the car out.  I'm taking 6 kiddos to Legoland in it tomorrow for Chayce's birthday...he's pretty excited!!  Should be a fun time.  I got my workouts in, did some cleaning, laundry, all that fun stuff.  And that's about it...phew, that was my day in a nutshell!   Now I'm off to try and watch the movie Food Inc.  Have you ever seen it?  I'll let ya know how it is.  Okay enough jabber...good night!

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