Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Parade, pizza and painting

We started September off watching a parade!  It rained almost the entire parade, but ya know what?  It was perfect because the boys and I all snuggled in close under our one umbrella and we had our legs covered with a sorta waterproofish blanket.  I really enjoyed it!   

Finally the rain stopped!  

The boys and I made some dried apples one day.  They gobbled them up in no time!  I'm actually going to make these tomorrow along with some banana chips and I'm going to try drying tomatoes as well...I'll let ya know how it goes.  Santa should totally bring me a food dehydrator with all the drying I've been doing :)

Brush them with lemon or lime juice
Bake at 200 degrees
for about 2 hours

One day we made homemade pizza.  We had some fun toppings... chicken, broccoli, spinach and was good!  

All of our toppings.  

Getting ready to go in 
the oven
All done...yum!

Ash has found his love for painting!  And he does really well...not much of a mess which is surprising.  This day we used sponges to paint with. 

Dipping his sponge in paint.

Taking a cute!

Look Mom!

He was dabbing and swirling and really getting into it!   He did not want to stop.  We hung the paintings on the wall and it was adorable...he was sooo proud of his!  He stood by it and smiled...too cute!

There is a baseball field right next to where Vann plays his soccer games and Ash loves to play in the dirt.  He usually leaves with dirt all over him!  Hey, as long as he's having fun and being good, I don't care how dirty he gets :)

Chaycers was playing goalie!

Okay that's it for tonight.  I'll post more soon!  

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