Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our trip to Iowa

I'm finally posting the pics from our trip to Iowa we took back at the beginning of August.  We had such a nice time hanging with my family and friends.  Got to spend some quality time with my mom, sister and her them!  

We went to the fair a few days and the kids enjoyed riding all the rides.  Even little Ash was into it!  We stayed in a hotel and that's always a fun time for the kids.  The boys went to the pool pretty much every night before bed for a quick swim.  Ash did not want anything to do with the pool or hot tub.  Kinda shocks me because he loves taking baths.  Ah well, one day he'll love it too.  

Okay now for a bazillion pictures :)

Vann, Gracie and Alexis drinking hot tea that Aunt Jess made them

Ash was all about Miss Kitty.
She's such a sweet thing and let him pet her a lot!

The boys playing a game on the computer.

Kathy and I took the kids to the Wells Blue Bunny ice cream shop and museum to have a yummy treat.

Chaycers being silly!

My boys and I :)

Eating ice cream!
Cutie pie!

Vann and Ash playing the piano

Ash was scared of the elevator so,
we started this thing where we all
would strike a was hilarious!
And he loved the elevator after that!

Watching the big boys on a carnival ride

He liked that ride!

Ash and Chaycers on the cars...Ash loved this one a lot!

Grandma and Ash :)

Vann and Ash on the elephant ride.

No paper to color on?  Just flip a beer box inside out!

Love love this picture of them!!

Vann on the tightrope!
I gave it a shot too!

Scootering home...notice Chayce has a sword in the back of his shirt...haha!

Vann even rode this ride!  He said he did not want to go on it again though...ha!

Found a frog in Grandma's garden.


Love them all!!

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