Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bowl of Fruit painting - Cezanne

Here's another painting from my fav, Deep Space Sparkle.  The boys learned about Paul Cezanne, lighting, and more about tinting and mixing colors.  This was a fun lesson and they did a terrific job painting their bowls of fruit!

Chaycers drawing his fruit.

Vann's doing the same.

Back to the video for the next step...

Painting his fruit different colors.

Painting his pear.

Onto the bowl...

If you notice, Vann added two pears to his bowl.

Now for the background...she has them mix the paint on the paper.

Turns out pretty cool when you do it that way!

I mean cool is this?  Vann added shading and spots where the light hits the fruit.  I love it!

Almost done!  Chaycers added his shading and places where the light hits the fruit too.

Working on his table.

Look at how great they did!!  I just love them!!!

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