Monday, November 10, 2014

Ash's 2nd Birthday

Nothing like posting about Ash's 2nd birthday over a month later!!  Gosh I cannot seem to get caught up and current with this here blog.  I so want to though!  I just gotta make it happen.   

Okay now let's chat about this little 2 year old I now have!  He is such a little lover.  He still has to give each one of us kisses and hugs before bed every single night.  He does not forget...ever!  Oh he is in a big boy bed now which is very exciting.  It was an easy transition actually which I'm super grateful for.  You just never know how it's going to go until you try it.  I always have those Super Nanny episodes in my head where the kiddo gets out of bed for 3 hours until they finally fall asleep on the floor.  I'm very happy all three boys had smooth transitions from their cribs to big boys Super Nanny episodes in this house thank goodness!

Let's see what can Ash do??  He can sing his ABC's...not perfect, but pretty darn close.  He can count to 10.  He loves to sing!  And he is in love with the movie Frozen...even has an Olaf blanket :)  He wants to be just like his big brothers.  Which is great except that is does cause a little ruckus during school sometimes.  And in the car because he thinks he's big enough to sit in a big boy booster seat...he's not.  But he doesn't like to be told no...I mean who does right?!  He just learned how to walk up and down the stairs standing more climbing up them on his knees.  Makes me nervous, but he does a good job.  And he loves to watch football with Dad :)

Let's get on the the birthday shall we?!  He was excited to open his presents!  

Working on his first present.

Hmm, what is it?

Markers!  The kind that only color on certain paper.  

He thought this one looked fun too!  It's a little learning pack...foam letters and shapes and stuff.

Ooh buttons...yes!

My three loves :)

What could this one be?

A little animal book...he loves animals.

A fishing set!

Checking it out...

I just like this pic because he's surrounded by wrapping paper :)

Trying out his foam letters

Love this picture!  He's so serious haha.

Aunt Casey got him a light up crazy flipping remote control was a huge hit!!

Happy Birthday time!

He didn't wait for us to finish singing to blow the candles out :)

And then he just watched us sing to him...lil cutie!

He's like are you guys done yet?!

His was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  

Playing with the present Casey got Chayce.  


It was a fun day!  Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet baby boy!!  

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