Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October catch up...

Okay here we go...I'm determined to get caught up with this blog!  Here's a run down of about a third of our October fun through pictures.  

Ash is doing a piggie craft.  He liked painting the 'mud' on.

He loves doing anything fun like the big boys do.  

Grandma Rana came to visit around the 10th of October.  She took the boys shopping at Toysrus so they could pick out their birthday presents.  Vann picked a Minecraft book and something else I can't remember.  Chaycers picked an Xbox game.  And Ash picked a Frozen book and a Frozen microphone that plays 'Let It Go'.  He loves that song!

Here's the lil' cutie reading his Frozen book!  And no it wasn't sunny outside lol. 

Playtime on Grandma!

The boys did another art project.  This time it was to paint a bird with watercolors.  

Grandma snuggles after a long day of playing.  

It's time to carve pumpkins!  We did them super early so, they didn't last till Halloween, but it was a fun thing to do with Grandma. 

Here's the pumpkin I carved.  Chayce picked out the design.  I think he turned out good! 

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