Friday, December 26, 2014

My birthday and animal fun!

The boys got me a few fun things for my birthday this year...some fun, cozy socks and my fav, a chocolate bar!  They know me well :)  And Chris surprised me with the bike trainer I wanted.  I couldn't believe it!  It makes it so I can ride my bike inside...will be great for this winter.  

Vann putting one of his Lego sets together...this kid loves Legos!

Chaycers is putting together a ginormous toy Aunt Kathy sent Ash for his birthday.

I painted this small wall with a chalkboard paint...I love it and it works perfect for school!  

The boys had a fun time at Mia's birthday party.  She had a balloon artist and a bunch of fun animals!  
Chayce holding a tarantula...yuck!

The boys are much braver than I that's for sure!

Ash loves his balloon Olaf :)

Chayce and a lizard.

Ash and the lizard

Petting turtles..

 A hedgehog is walking on Vann.

Deciding which Curious George he wants to watch...

This one Mom!

Coloring on the Thanksgiving table cloth

This lil guy thought it'd fun to empty the crayons out!

Did you have a good Christmas?!  I will post some Christmas pics a little later today.  Okay, need to feed the kids breakfast...have a great day!!

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