Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Vann!!

Oh my goodness, my sweet Vann turned 9 this month!!  It's so crazy, I remember being pregnant with him.  Gosh I can't believe he's really 9!

He is so creative...loves to draw and create and make up songs and stories.  He loves to read and learn new things.  Loves puzzles and building with all things especially Legos.  He also really loves playing video games :)  He is such a great big him to pieces!! 

He wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake for his was pretty yum!

Ash thought so too lol...can you see all the chocolate on his face?

I heart his curls so much!!

We had Vann's party at the indoor swimming pool by us.  

We started out in the party room with pizza and cake and presents.  Then afterwards we went swimming!!

Opening presents

Reading a card from one of his friends.

Must've been funny!

He's enjoying his juice box because they never get them anymore lol.  

Happy Birthday time!!

Love him! 

Pool time!  Vann going down the slide.
I didn't get many pics of the pool because I was nervous I would drop my phone in the water.  I wish I would've brought my camera and then I could've worn it around my time for sure.  

The boys had a ton of fun swimming!  I think I will try to take them to this indoor pool a few times this winter...they would like that a lot.  Hope you had a fun day!  

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