Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Home Depot project

I took the boys to Home Depot on Saturday morning.  They have these cute little building projects on the 1st Saturday of every month.  This month was book ends...which we have no use for as our book shelves are packed to the max!  Ah well it's always a good time and it's free...you can't beat that!  

Vann hammering his nails in.

Ash tried to hammer his in, but I had to help him out.  

Chaycers got his by himself!  

It was a pretty simple project, but we still enjoyed ourselves :)

The best part...the popcorn!!  

Ash is still rocking the potty training.  I'm so proud of him!  He even pooped in the potty all by himself today...couldn't believe it!!  My baby is getting so big :)  He loves to sing and dance...today he gave us a super cute show while singing 'Let It Go' from Frozen.  Yep he still loves that song!  

I mean seriously...how cute is he?!

So a few friends and I are challenging ourselves to get 100 miles of either walking or running or biking or swimming or whatever in March.  I do most of my miles on my bike...I have it on a bike trainer so I can use it indoors.  It works great and I love it!  But I'm kinda bad about actually getting 'on' the bike so, challenges like this are perfect for me.  So far I have 30 miles in...2 miles walking and 28 on my bike.  The boys and I took advantage of this nice weather and walked 1/2 mile yesterday and 1 1/2 miles tonight.  We brought Molly along and she loved it too!  It's kind of a messy time as the snow is melting and there are humongous puddles!  Chayce's back was soaked from the water flying up off of his bike lol.  

I hope you had a fun day :)

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