Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Here are a few pics from our St. Patrick's Day.  I made the boys green eggs & ham and green cinnamon muffins for breakfast.  Then we learned the history behind St. Patrick's Day, listened to some Irish music, found Ireland on the globe and did some fun worksheets.  Chaycers helped me make Irish Soda Bread so, we had that for dessert after dinner.  I would love to tell you I made corned beef and cabbage, but I didn't.  Just didn't plan for it and didn't have time to make a last minute trip to the store.  Maybe next year!  

Vann coloring his shamrock.  The older boys also had a maze, wordsearch, math page, and a few others to do too.  

Love this one!

I need to teach him how to hold his crayons! stinkin' cute!!

He wanted me to take a picture of his picture :)

Pouring in the milk.

I love when they help me in the kitchen!
The soda bread turned out yummy!  It's basically a sweet raisin bread.  The kids liked it!

For the past few months, every day at nap time Ash and I rock-a-bye in his chair.  And everyday he falls asleep on my chest.  I love it so much.  I just stare down at my sweet snoring baby and am so thankful I get to spend all my days with him.  I know this snuggling will not last forever so, I'm soaking it all up!  

And every night when it's time for bed, little Ash and I rock-a-bye for a few minutes and then he climbs into bed.  He sleeps in the middle of his big full size bed, no pillows (he has them, but doesn't use them) on his belly.  I cover him up with his cozy Olaf blanket and he always asks for more water even though his water cup is not empty.  I always get him new water and then lately he likes for me to scootch him over just a bit.  So I give him a little scootch, a bunch of kisses and that's it!   He likes his routine and I know if I don't write it down somewhere I will forget because gosh they grow up way too fast.  

I hope you're having a great day!  I'm off to play Guess Who with Chaycers :)

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