Monday, March 23, 2015

Cub Scouts

The boys had their first Cub Scouts meeting last week.  They had a lot of fun!  I was happy when we walked in and I saw that we knew a few of the other families.  I think it's going to be a great experience for them both!  They each have a den meeting every two weeks (these are smaller as they are just for their grade levels) and then a pack meeting (this is all the grade levels combined) once a month.  On top of that there are fun activities every month...bowling, camping, day camps, hikes, etc.  I foresee a busy, but fun schedule this spring and summer with both Scouts and baseball!  

Getting ready to go to their first big meeting!  

They are so cute!

This meeting was learning about how to be compassionate and helpful to others.  They did little activities that showed them how losing a sense (sight, hearing, etc) would make doing everyday things more difficult.  Then afterwards they talked about how some people live like this everyday and how it's so important to help when possible.  

Chaycers is so little!!  He's playing the telephone game with cotton balls in his ears.  

Vann had to transfer marshmallows from one bowl to another while being blindfolded.

Then he got his hands taped up and had to take his shoe off and put it back on. 

A tough one!

Chaycers had to draw with his opposite hand.  

Now he's erasing something...

The boys got their Bobcat badges.  There was a little ceremony where they had to say the Boy Scouts promise.  

I love how Ash is doing it too!

And then Chayce and his friend, Kenny, carried the flag out.  

So, it's official...they are both Cub Scouts!!  

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