Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baseball Opening Day!

Baseball Opening Day is always a fun time for the boys.  This year they changed things up a bit and had it out at the much nicer fields.  The teams all participated in a short parade and then we all gathered around the bases of one of the fields.  They provided the players with hot dogs, chips and water while they did the opening ceremony.  It was very cool and I thought they did a great job!  

Afterwards the players split up into their different divisions (t-ball, A, AA, AAA, etc) and each had some fun skills type stuff to do.  Chayce's team played two innings of t-ball with another team.  And Vann's division had two skills drills.  One was to see which four players could throw the ball around the bases the quickest and the other was to see which player could run the bases the fastest.  More on how that went in a few...

Chayce's team walking in the parade.  Chaycers is on the far left.  I made them a sign to carry and I also made each player a baseball paper plate with their name on it.  You can see a little of the sign I made for Vann's team on the right of the picture.  Both boys are Yankees!  And the team Mom on Vann's team made their paper plates.  Kinda bummed I didn't get a good pic of Vann's team, but it's hard to be in two places at one time.  

Ash was a trooper and walked the whole time!  He loves watching his big brothers do anything and wants to be just like them.  I love it!

Chayce sitting with his team.  He's 2nd from the bottom on the left.

Vann getting ready to run the bases.  Would you believe I didn't bring his cleats?!  This is the first year they've done these skills drills so, they've never needed their cleats on Opening Day before.  Eh well now I know for next year!  

Rounding 3rd base...

He got 2nd place out of all the boys who ran in the AA division!!!  So super proud of him!!  

My sweet Chaycers :)

Between the two of them we have like 36 games to go to...wowsa!  That along with all of our Cub Scouts stuff will keep us busy for the next few months.  I love watching them do these fun things.  And my hope is that they will not only have a ton of fun, learn a lot, but also build some great friendships in the process!

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