Monday, April 27, 2015

A few random pics...

Vann got the game, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge, in his Easter basket and the boys think it's so fun to play.  It has you do these seemingly easy, but pretty difficult challenges.  Reminds me a little of Minute to Win It...remember that game?!  We like that game a lot too.  Anyhow one of the challenges was to do a head here's Chaycers doing just that :)  

For the past two months, I've challenged myself to get 100 miles by either walking or riding my bike.  Mostly I've been riding my bike because it hasn't been nice enough for many walks outside.  I love my bike turns my road bike into a stationery one so I can ride it whenever I want.  These next pics are a glimpse of what little Ash does while I ride and he's awake.  I've got my bike tucked into the corner of our basement right by the pinball machine so he likes to hang out and chat with me or sing to whatever song comes on my Pandora.  He's really great about letting me get my bike rides in which I love.  

He loves playing with Vann's Legos.

Cutie patootie :)

Yes he's sunburned :(  This mama failed big time during Opening Day for baseball.  It was nice out, but not 'that' nice out...well not nice enough that sunscreen even crossed my mind.  So all the boys had pink cheeks...little Ash was the worst.  

I loaded him up with aloe and he was back to normal after a few days.  And no worries...I'm stocked up on sunscreen!  I won't make that mistake twice.  

He loves his books :)

So guess how many miles I have for the month of April so far?!?!  105!!  My goal for this month is actually 120 so I have a few more to go to reach my goal.  These miles were all on my bike.  I hope to get a few nice walks and bike rides in with the boys next month since it should be a little warmer out.  And then in June I plan to do a 25 mile bike ride!  Our town is having a bike ride/race and I'm really looking forward to it.  Now to find someone to help shuttle my kids to and from their baseball games that happen to be at the same exact time as the race!  Still working out the details on that...I'll get it all squared away here soon.  

Okay gotta go finish up some schoolwork with the boys.  We've got spelling, a little science and art left to do.  Fun stuff!  

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